Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beary Wish

I stitched this little topper called Beary Wish to cover one of those Renuzit Air Fresheners a few years ago. A gift to my mom, I recently found it in a box that came out of her house when she moved into a nursing home.

It was designed by my friend, Sandy Arthur, of DuoDesigns, Inc. of Louisville, KY. I felt so special because I was only one who signed up for the class and she taught me anyway. This class could not have been a profit to her. I'd heard others say that it was so cute, but they hadn't sign up for the class because they thought it would be too difficult and were afraid to try it. They didn't know what they missed!

It really was not that difficult to stitch, and she is such an excellent teacher. If you ever have a chance to sign up for one of her classes, I recommend it highly. She is so patient and such a clear instructor. And not even a bit discouraged by my being left-handed. She has such a sense of humor, too. By the way, this little plug is unsolicited. I don't think she has any idea of how much I admire her.

I love her creativity. She is not afraid to mix mediums in order to transform her visions into reality. See more of her work at the class page on her website. She mostly teaches at ANG Seminars, but does teach other places, too. Here is a link to her class page:

Sandy, if you ever happen to read this post, thanks for blessing my life.


  1. I love her !!! What a wonderful design for the renuzit covers.

  2. That's so cute and elegant at the same time.

  3. That is really nice. I have never seen anything like that. Your blog is very nice.