Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Americana 9-Patch

I finally completed something! It's been a busy few months. This is my stitching of Sandra Workman's of Pine Mountain Designs kit from 2009 "Americana 9-Patch." This patriotic design comes with a pre-made pillow that allows you to slip the worked piece into the opening. I noticed that the upper right corner has no border and thought that this was probably an error. But I was wrong--again! Her other 9-patch designs have no border in the same position. I wonder what the significance is of this. I feel there has to be one but couldn't find anything about it. Does anyone happen to know?

This is the first piece that I've done on Aida in quite a while. WOW! What a difference in fabrics! But I had to have it because I loved the charms that went on it.


  1. Very cute pillow! I also go to Aida when I need a break and want to work on something easy that I don't have to concentrate on as much.

  2. Very cute! Isn't finishing something fun? I'm not too sure I've finished any stitching this year, so you may be one up on me.

  3. Nancy, your pillow is lovely.