Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Edelweiss Stitch Diagram

Edelweiss stitch is a ribbed spider stiched

 Begin wrapping the foundation spokes by bringing your thread up very close to the center between two
spokes. Take your needle under a spoke, then wrap your threaded needle back over, then under the spoke.
Move to the next spoke and again go under it. Then wrap over, then under this spoke. Continue around the
circle in this way. The wrapped threads should lay smoothly next to each other without overlapping. Keep
your wrapping thread tension even, so that the spokes remain straight, not pulled to one side or the other. Go
all away around the circle until you reach the outer edge of the spokes. After wrapping over the last spoke,
take your needle down next to it.
Ribbed Spider Chart
It is best to use a long thread to wrap around the spokes. If you run out of wrapping thread you can end it off
by taking it down in a canvas hole directly under a foundation spoke. Bring your new wrapping thread up in
the same hole.

Pass the thread up through the gap between the last two rings of the web, over the last ring of the web, under the top bar and come up to the right of the top bar. Bring thread over the top bar and bring needle up through gap between last two rings of web as before. Continue weaving in this way until you reach the top of the bar.
Work the other seven "petals" in the same way.

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