Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crooked Rows Yield More Corn

One time a few years back, a farmer's wife and another farmer's wife that had a Ph.D. were sitting in my office, and we were discussing the likely topics of conversation at the morning "board meeting" that frequents so many rural area cafes. Apparently, one thing that farmers love to make fun of is other farmers not being able to plant straight.

One of them mentioned that "God loves a crooked row as much as a straight row" and further added to it, "crooked rows yield more corn." I got to thinking about it, and it does seem like that is quite possible from a mathematical point of view.

So, I asked my husband, who helps a farmer since he has been retired from Caterpillar, which is true? He laughed and said, "regardless, I am planting them straight. There is no way that I would even think about planting them crooked, regardless of the yield."

Today, I guess it is not really that much of an issue since farmers use GPS to guide their tractor's through the fields. But it amused me, and I designed this little piece to remind me of it.

But I am still wondering whether crooked rows yield more corn or not. :-)

Does anybody know?

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